Hedgehog Rescue Open Day 1st May 2023

We all know that hedgehogs are in massive decline which makes us extremely lucky to have them on our allotments, and even luckier to have Hedgehog Rescue on plot 24!

At the start of the National Hedgehog Awareness week Yvonne will be hosting a open day on plot 24. A chance for the community to come together, learn more on how they can support hedgehogs in their own gardens and allotments, whilst enjoying tombola, cake sale, kids crafts and more.

The event will start 10am – 4pm, on plot 24 on the Birds Community Allotments off Robin Way. Donations for the cake sale welcome!

Creating a hedgehog highway

We are asking all allotment holders to open a 13cm x 13cm gap to connect all the plots together, making one large and safe hedgehog highway along the entire site!

We encourage hedgehog friendly plots which can be easily achieved by adding water dishes, log & leaf piles, a wild corner, nesting boxes, or even a pond! Also not using slug pellets or pesticides, making sure there is no netting/bags/pots that they may get trapped in, and if you have a pond making sure there is a ramp so they can easily climb out.

Hedgehogs will reward your efforts by visiting and helping to manage slugs, pests, and being a joy to watch snuffling around the allotments. Do send us photos hedgehogs visiting your plot, we would love to see them!

To find out more about how to make a hedgehog highway, here is a helpful video from the Wildlife trust. There are lots of helpful websites with hedgehog friendly gardening advice, or even plans on how to make nest boxes, do visit Hedgehog Street, RSPB, and Wildlife Trust to find out more

Hedgehog awareness week 1st – 7th May- How else can I get involved?

If you fancy getting involved further please do! Here are some ideas and suggestions for how else the plots can join in:

  • Hedgehog Rescue Cake sale – donations to the cake sale are greatly appreciated and help to raise funds for the rescue
  • Make hedgehog highway signs, and give them to neighbours, friends & family or even passers by
  • Create a hedgehog themed game on your plot – one example, plot 26 has made wooden hedgehogs which will be dotted around their plot for passers by to spot and see how the allotment is hedgehog friendly
  • Get crafting – many lovely plot holders have often made crafts and given them away outside their plot, these could be painted pebbles or tree decorations etc
  • Decorate your plot with bunting and hedgehog themed decorations

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