Terms & Conditions

Conditions from Network Rail that are on the title deeds

  1. No structures or heavy loads within 1m of Network Rail fencing this includes water butts, compost bins and bays, sheds / summer houses, greenhouses.
  2. No inflammable vapour or gas that might lead to spontaneous ignition or arcing of electrical current
  3. No structures within 3m of of any electrical equipment on Network Rail land
  4. No cranes, jibs or similar structures

Birds Community Allotment rules

  1. Maintain the fence/hedge along the footpath boundary and keep any hedge cut back so it does not obstruct the path. Please be mindful that the nesting season is March – August, for more information please visit the RSPB website.
  2. No more than 25% of the plot to be surfaced with either structures or impermeable paths without prior permission.
  3. Not to be used for commercial purposes. Charity or fundraising sale / free giving of surplus produce from the plots is permitted.
  4. No bonfires, or fireworks. Small fires in fireproof containers or BBQs are allowed but we kindly ask that you notify neighbours and houses facing the plot, keep it away from fences in a safe location on level surface. No burning of plastics, treated or painted timber. During heat waves fire bans will be put into place.
  5. We ask all allotment holders to be considerate to neighbouring houses, do not begin any loud work or machinery, or radios before 9am. Radios are allowed but at a sensible volume not to disturb others.
  6. Whilst we understand people may want to lock their plots for security, a copy of any key or padlock code must be vested with the management committee prior to renewal. 
  7. Use solely as an “allotment garden” with evidence of it being used for that purpose. We encourage the use of sustainable and wildlife friendly gardening practices.
  8. Livestock – No cockerels, max number of 7 chickens per plot. Other livestock will need to be discussed with the committee, e.g. bee hives. Please refer to Allotments Act 1950
  9. No removal of trees or hedging or pruning of trees (other than fruit trees for good management )without committees consent
  10. No subletting, all tenants using plot must be registered with the committee and contact details kept up to date.

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